How Can Solar Effect my Bill?

By transforming your home or business into a mini-electricity generating station, your electricity bill is immediately reduced substantially.

The size of the reduction in your electricity bill will depend on your energy consumption and the size of system you install.

Pacific Energy recently received electricity bills from two very satisfied photovoltaic (PV) customers.

Both customers reduced their bills to zero and are now energy independent.

The average residential customer gets about a 15% return on investment. Businesses and home offices get even higher rates of return through expensing and accelerated depreciation options.

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Is Solar a Real Investment?

Solar is one of the safest and smartest investments you can make.

Stocks, bonds and money market accounts have fluctuated greatly in this depressed economy, while the sun has continued to generate electricity.

Not investing in solar is like hedging a bet on the price of petroleum plummeting – or even remaining stagnant - and energy prices never increasing. Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen.

In up to 30 years, your photovoltaic system will still be generating free electricity, long after it has paid for itself in utility savings.

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