Pacific Energy uses only American-made photovoltaic panels with the high output.

One of the most exciting developments in PV is micro-inverters, which are a major advancement from traditional inverters. Micro-inverters are cheaper, more efficient and can be installed in phases, making it possible to maximize tax credits annually.



Pacific Energy�s integrity is exemplified in our belief that everyone should fully understand their solar project. We believe making the change to solar is not just a purchase or investment, but a lifestyle choice, a lifestyle improvement. Our engineers and system designers will only design and install systems which are customized for the specific needs of families and businesses. Our locally owned company prides itself on the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.


Commitment to our customers means we only use the highest quality technology with the greatest output and efficiency. This, along with our expert installations ensure your investment, which could very likely still be producing electricity or hot water for your home in 30 years, is the very best possible.


Pacific Energy has been designing, installing and maintaining solar electric and hot water systems for nearly 10 years. Our experience ranges from working closely with families on residential projects to managing extensive large scale projects for the U.S. military and businesses in Hawaii.